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About PLA

1. Why PLA is also called “Corn Plastic”?
As PLA is derived from natural, renewable, starch rich crop such as corn, potato, people also call it “Corn plastic”.

2. How does PLA decompose?
Under compost condition, PLA will decompose into lactic acid when polymers are broken down. Lactic acid will decompose into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria.

3. How long does it take for PLA to decompose?
It will take 90-180 days under compost condition according to different size and thickness of the products.

4. What is compost condition?
Compost condition refers to the co-existence of three key elements: 1) high temperature (58-70°C). 2) high humidity. 3) bacteria.

5. Will PLA products start decompose under normal temperature?
No, it will not. Same as the petroleum-based plastic products. PLA products can be used under normal condition. However, as PLA is not heat-resistant, it is recommended to be used under the temperature of 50°C.

6. Any special precautions for PLA storage and delivery?
Storage: Dry, ventilated and cool environment with optimal temperature under   40°C.
Delivery: Prevent from direct sunshine and pressing; use strong caton box; control temperature during container load by applying insulated materials.

7. Can our existing machines and molds for petroleum-based plastic produce PLA products?
Yes. Machines and molds for petroleum-based plastic products can produce PLA products by adjusting the mold temperature and relevant production techniques as per the characteristics of PLA.

8. Which areas shall we pay attention during the production of PLA products?
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Moisture content of the material